Men's Jacket Trends 2024 Guide

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Discover the latest jacket trends for men in 2024

After reading this blog, you'll be fully up-to-date on the styles, materials and colours that are important this year in choosing the perfect jacket. Discover how to find that perfect jacket and how Petrol Industries responds to these trends with our unique collection.

What makes 2024 unique for men's jackets?

2024 brings a breath of fresh air to men's fashion, with striking trends that stand out for their innovation and functionality. This year we see a strong influence of technical materials and retro influences that enrich modern styles. From a lightweight outdoor jacket to a timeless denim jacket. Each jacket offers a combination of comfort and style for an attractive price!

Key features of men's jackets in 2024

  • Sustainable materials: Sustainability plays an important role in the 2024 jacket trends. Our designers have chosen to use 100% recycled polyester in a larger part of our jacket collection. This results in stylish jackets that are not only better for the environment, but also guarantee a long life.
  • Colours and patterns: In 2024 we see a diverse range of colours and patterns. Neutral tones such as olive green, sand and navy are very popular. Subtle and stylish stitching patterns give a playful twist to the collection. For those who want a more eye-catching jacket, orange is the colour to choose this season! These colours and patterns are ideal for both casual and formal occasions.
  • Materials and fits: The materials of 2024 range from sturdy denim to technically advanced synthetic fabrics. Comfort and durability are paramount, with innovative fabrics that offer protection against the weather without compromising on style. Fits range from slim-fit to oversized, so there is a suitable option for every preference. Whether you choose a lined men's jacket or a classic leather bomber jacket for men, the possibilities are endless.
How Petrol Industries reflects the 2024 men

How Petrol Industries reflects the 2024 men's jacket trends

At Petrol Industries we remain true to our heritage, while adapting to the latest trends. Our jackets are designed with an eye for detail, craftsmanship and a love of fashion. Each jacket in our collection reflects the trends of 2024, from our iconic leather jackets to our airy summer jackets.

How to combine the new jacket trends with your style

Combining our jackets is easier than ever this season, mix and match! For example, combine our lightweight jackets with a polo shirt and chino shorts. This way you are prepared for everything the surprising summer has to offer. Are you looking for a tough look? Then go for our timeless denim jacket with an airy cargo pant. And as a last tip for this season we have our iconic leather jacket. Perfect to combine with a shirt or jeans. As mentioned, everything can be combined, perfect for a long summer!


Find your perfect men's jacket for 2024?

Petrol Industries is happy to help you find the perfect jacket that suits your style and needs. Our extensive collection offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for a men's leather jacket, a stylish summer jacket or a lightweight quilted jacket. With our focus on quality and design, you are assured of a purchase that you will enjoy throughout the season.

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