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Discover the Style Revolution with Petrol Industries

The temperatures outside are still chilly but at Petrol, the sun is already shining. Our brand new men's collection is in, so this is the time to look ahead to the fashion trends the upcoming season has to offer.

Key trends in men's fashion for 2024

2024 is all about bold colours, an oversized fit, and a prominent role for denim. All with an eye for detail. Curious about the men's trends of 2024? We introduce you to the trends that will dominate this year.

How Petrol Industries reflects the trends of 2024

Petrol Industries, is always looking for a combination of trend and comfort. Discover how our latest collection perfectly reflects the trends of 2024, combining craftsmanship, style and innovation. Check out our latest menswear and get inspired.

Quality and innovation in our new collection.

Within our latest collection, we emphasise quality and innovation. Discover unique designs and production methods that set our garments apart. Each piece is thoughtfully made with love for denim and attention to detail. For example, take a look at our new collection of summer jackets. The craftsmanship and attention to detail can be found in the high-quality craftsmanship and special stitching.

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Garments every man should have in 2024

Essential outerwear for 2024

Discover the must-have outerwear for men in 2024. From stylish T-shirts and shirts to comfortable hoodies, our collection has it all. Check out the latest trends in T-shirts and sweaters/hoodies. This summer, comfort and style go hand in hand, reflected in looser and comfortable fits. That is why we have launched some new jeans with a more relaxed fit and straight legs. The trend is also reflected in our shirts where we have used light fabrics and comfortable fits, perfect for summer.

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Shirt with botanical print

The must have for every man this year is the botanical shirt. These shirts are characterised by summery prints with, for example, flowers and palm trees inspired by a tropical island such as Hawaii. Perfect for a casual look on holiday combined with denim shorts or swimming trunks. But also good for a summery chic look at work by wearing a chino underneath.


In 2024 Back from the past, denim! This season, we capitalise on the latest trends with new fits and luxurious washes. Check out our gorgeous regular tapered fit trousers and comfortable denim shorts. Back this year is the denim-on-denim look, also called the "Canadian tuxedo". Choose, for example, a denim shirt or denim jacket to pair with your new Jeans.

Must-have accessories for the modern man

Complete your look with essential accessories for men in 2024. From trendy bucket hats to comfy socks, our accessory collection adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Discover more on our accessories for men page.

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Style tips and combinations for 2024

To make all the above men's fashion trends easy to apply, we share some style tips.

How to wear patterns and prints in 2024

Go for a fresh summer look by combining our t-shirts and polos with fresh bright colours in neon green or pink. Finish the look with light blue denim shorts for the perfect summer look. Are the mornings and evenings still cool, no problem. Complete the look with one of our stylish and practical jackets or comfortable jumpers.

Want something a little more subtle? Then go for a more timeless outfit with pastel shades, in pastel yellow or beige. For example, a breezy shirt with chino shorts. This is a perfect look to wear a vest on during the slightly cooler days.

As mentioned before, the denim-on-denim look. This cool look can be worn with a denim top like a jacket or a shirt with jeans or denim shorts underneath. You can opt for two of the same colours of denim on top of
each other but the shades can also differ, for example a light top with dark jeans. Anything goes this season!

Summer 2024 must haves

Sage Green
Tropical Shirt Sandy beach


Dark used
Rockwell Carpenter Relaxed Fit Jeans Lanai City


Sage Green
Striped Jogging Shorts Pearl


Padded Jacket Cabrio


Petrol Blue
Botanical Shirt Coastal


Medium stone
Denim Jacket Tour


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